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walowsky international
Maschinenhandel GmbH

Twegtje 1
37191 Katlenburg/Lindau
HOTLINE: +49 (0) 55 52 - 9 13 17


About us...

hubertwalowskyWalowsky International Maschinenhandel GmbH is a company which specialiases in sales, service and repair of machinery for the meat processing industry.

The company was established in 1981 by Hubert Walowsky, whos main priority is good service. Through this factor the companies good reputation spread rapidly which is part of our success. Walowsky International GmbH now exports new and second hand meat machinery and processing plants, to countries in the EU, South Africa, South America, Australia and Eastern Europe.

Walowsky International GmbH are agents and represent the following companys: VETEC Anlagenbau, Tipper Tie technopack, Tipper Tie Alpina, Variovac, Maja, etc.

The company employs 35 people worldwide.


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